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The world is in danger, rioters rioting, terrorists terrorising, zombies zombieing. America the World Police just invite you to be his sidekick. Only YOU, can save the world and bring world peace, because you are the chosen one, you are the one with passion and kindness and the will of justice, and because America lacks of a partner to do good cop bad cop stuff. So, let's press the nuclear button, and neutralize all evil nations, for JUSTICE!!!

The gameplay is simple, you roll the earth to find countries with problems, and then attack them until they have no problem. You have to do it before global happiness or population get too low. There are 4 attack methods you can use.

1. simple tapping, good enough for little crisis

2. drone bombing, high damage area attack

3. minigun, imagine 15 taps per seconds

4. nuke, great damage area attack, use carefully

You love Polandball? Then you will love this game.

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