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**This game is unfinished, and probably won't be**

Before i start the project Polandball Not Safe For World, i developed this game. The basic concept is Little Alchemy mixed with Polandball meme, which user can mix elements to create items and countries. I got lots of ideas for this game. It was supposed that the country can do different action based on what they are holding. It was even supposed the terrain is editable, and the countryballs can react with the terrain.

However, the game concept seems too big for me. Because i need to do 3d art, animation, programming for each item. There will be too much workload for too little gameplay. That's why i abandoned this project, and use the artwork assets to create a light scale mobile game, which is Polandball Not Safe For World.

But now the situation is changed. After i posted the gameplay video to youtube, i see players like this concept. So i probably will update it. If i get enough funding for my Polandball Not Safe For World Goodest Edition. I can outsource my workload to freelancers (especially art work). and i probably can update this game as a side project.


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PolandballMixNMess_PC 64bit old.zip 14 MB
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PolandballMixNMess_mac.zip 17 MB


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in the character section I unlocked Hong Kong,British Hong Kong and USA but there still is one more locked one.Does anyone know what it is and how to craft it?

It's Mexico: Italy + Sticker

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how did you make mexico in polandball mix and mess please reply

Italy + Sticker

I cannot play it because It says It's a virus.

But I'll try to help it later.

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wow this game is awesome add more updates and sounds and cool hats or costume :D this not a puzzle this do LIFE and those you made model is my favorite i already see this from google and its awesome keep to good work bro :D